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    Helpful Information For Maintaining Healthy Feet!

    Last updated 4 years ago

    When you’re dealing with foot problems, every aspect of your life is affected. The information in these links will help you learn to protect your foot health. When problems do arise, turn to Dr. Les Glubo and Grand Central Footcare. We’ve been taking care of New York’s feet for 25 years and can help you with your bunions, foot pain, hammertoes and more. Call us at (212) 697-3293 to schedule an appointment.

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    • Hamstrings stretch

    • These foot stretches from Active will help you prevent foot injuries while you workout.
    • This article from the Mayo Clinic explains plantar fasciitis, a common foot ailment.

    How to Prevent Athlete's Foot

    Last updated 4 years ago

    As any podiatrist will tell you, athlete’s foot is a very common foot ailment, and it isn’t just for athletes. Approximately 70 percent of people will experience at least one bout of tinea pedis, the medical name for athlete’s foot. This fungal infection, which usually starts on the skin between the toes, can be treated with over-the-counter medication or with topical and oral antifungals prescribed by a podiatrist. Although treatment is possible, prevention is even better. Here is how you can keep athlete’s foot infections at bay:

    Wash and Dry Your Feet

    • Use soap and water to clean your feet at least once a day. Don’t let your feet air-dry. Use a towel to dry off your feet, particularly the areas between your toes where fungus tends to thrive. Moisture feeds fungal development. Keeping your feet dry will rob the fungus of a good breeding environment.

    Let Your Feet Breathe

    • Letting air circulate around your feet will help keep them dry and discourage fungal growth. Leather and canvas are ideal materials for shoes, since air can flow through them. Stay away from vinyl, which traps heat and moisture, creating the perfect environment for fungus. If it is hot out, opt for sandals, so your feet don’t overheat and get sweaty.

    Don’t Share

    • Don’t share socks, shoes, or slippers with anyone, and don’t borrow anyone’s footgear. Athlete’s foot is extremely contagious, so you’ll share fungal infections with anyone with whom you share shoes. At the gym or the pool, wear water shoes or sandals instead of going barefoot to protect yourself from picking up someone else’s infection.

    At Grand Central Footware, our podiatrist can offer more advice for preventing athlete’s foot. If you have persistent infections or other foot problems, like pain, bunions, or hammertoes, make a podiatry appointment with us today by calling (212) 697-3293. Dr. Les Glubo, our podiatrist, has been keeping New York feet happy for over 25 years. 

    A Look at Plantar Fasciitis

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Plantar fasciitis is a common condition, but no one can quite understand how debilitating it can be until it happens to them. During a plantar fasciitis flare-up, even walking across the room can be excruciating. If you suffer from this condition, the good news is that it is treatable.

    In this video, learn how plantar fasciitis begins and what you can do about it. Frequent stretching and using heat on your foot before walking can help keep the pain at bay. You’ll also learn the benefits of strengthening exercises and how wearing a foot brace at night can make getting out bed easier in the morning.

    Don’t let plantar fasciitis pain get the better of you. Contact Grand Central Footcare for help relieving this condition and all of your other foot woes. Make your appointment with a podiatrist today by calling (212) 697-3293.

    A Guide to Stretching for Your Feet and Ankles

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Foot and ankle injuries are common during sports, but a few simple stretches recommended by your podiatrist could help prevent of these injuries from occurring. Stretching helps relieve the pressure being physically active puts on your joints, muscles, and tendons. Before you start playing sports or embarking on an exercise routine, spend five or 10 minutes doing these foot and ankle warm-ups:

    Hamstring Stretch

    • Warmed up leg muscles let the ankle joint move freely, so it doesn’t lock up and cause pain. To stretch your hamstring, prop one leg up on a table or chair while keeping the other locked in place for balance. Lean over and bring your head towards your knee until you feel a stretch in the back of your base leg. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, and then switch legs. Repeat the stretch five times on each leg.

    Wall Push-Up

    • Position yourself about three feet away from a wall, and place your hands on the wall. As you lock your knees and ankles, lean into the wall as far as you can. You should feel a stretch in your calf muscle. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, and repeat the process five times. Be sure not to bounce as you lean into the wall.

    Towel Stretch

    • Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Wind up a towel and place it around the backs of your feet. Gently pull the towel towards you until you feel a stretch in your heels. Hold the stretch for 30 second and repeat the stretch three times.

    If you love being active, don’t let a preventable foot or ankle injury keep you out of the game. At Grand Central Footcare, our podiatrist can teach you stretches that will keep your feet and ankles strong and healthy. If you are experiencing foot pain, turn to us for treatment that will get you off the sidelines in a hurry. Call our podiatry practice in New York today at (212) 697-3293 to schedule an appointment. We treat bunions, hammertoes, perform foot surgery, and address general foot pain.

    Get The Facts About Foot Problems

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Your feet are your base of support; every step you take depends on your feet. Proper foot care is therefore essential to getting through day-to-day living. With Grand Central Footcare on your side, you will receive personalized podiatry care in New York City.  Take one step closer to pain free feet by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Glubo today by calling (212) 697-3293.

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