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Your Guide to Keeping Your Feet Healthy with Diabetes

Last updated 4 years ago

Diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy years of foot health. However, to keep your feet strong and functional, it’s essential to make preventative care an everyday priority. By looking after your feet while they’re still healthy, you can better ensure that they stay that way far into the future. The following podiatry tips can help diabetic individuals maintain the wellbeing of their feet:

Prevent Foot Injuries

  • People with diabetes often experience slower recovery times and higher rates of infection than non-diabetic individuals. That’s why podiatrists caution diabetic patients to safeguard their feet from injury. Never walk outdoors with bare feet, and wear socks or slippers when indoors. Wear comfortable and supportive footwear that will not irritate your skin, cause blisters, or produce bunions. You should also regularly trim your toenails to avoid the occurrence of ingrown nails.

Stay Active on Your Feet

  • Diabetic individuals typically experience reduced blood flow and nerve damage to their extremities. To encourage strong blood circulation to your feet, be sure to engage in regular physical activity. When approved by your podiatrist, consistent exercise can keep your feet healthy and functional. Even if you cannot participate in strenuous activities like running or biking, a daily walk can be a highly effective means of maintaining foot wellness.

Keep Up with Your Podiatry Appointments

  • Many people with diabetes make sure to see their general physician on a regular basis. Fewer recognize the need to schedule consistent checkups with their podiatrist, too. Because the feet are vulnerable to diabetic complications, it’s important to see a podiatry specialist as often as recommended. Though your feet may look and feel fine to you, a trained medical professional can detect early signs of foot deterioration or disease.

Grand Central Footcare offers comprehensive diabetic foot services to those in the greater New York City area. Let our podiatry specialists oversee your diabetes-related needs. Call (888) 701-1297 or visit our website for more information on our full range of services. 


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