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How to Buy the Proper Shoes for Your Children

Last updated 4 years ago

Some parents buy shoes for their children once every few months. Children’s feet can grow at a rapid rate, which is why purchasing appropriate shoes is essential for their health. Even a few months with ill-fitting footwear can cause podiatry issues for children. Though shoe shopping may be a frequent experience, it’s one that can mean the difference between a healthy child and one who requires podiatry care. Consider the following tips for buying the right shoes for your child:

Bring your child shoe shopping

  • Since your child’s feet can experience significant growth spurts in just a few weeks, it can be challenging to gauge his correct shoe size without him present at the shoe store. To avoid purchasing the wrong footwear, which may cause discomfort and irritation, be sure to have your child try on his shoes and confirm their fit before leaving the store. Bringing your child with you while shopping can also avert the expense of time and energy that accompanies returning ill-fitting shoes.

Purchase shoes that fit your child’s larger foot size

  • Though your child’s feet can grow quickly, they may not grow at the same rate. Children frequently have two different sized feet. If your child experiences this circumstance, always purchase shoes that comfortably fit his bigger foot.

Do not allow younger children to wear used shoes

  • While giving younger siblings already-worn clothing can be convenient and cost-effective, the same cannot be said of passing along secondhand shoes. For one, rarely will the feet of your younger child perfectly fit into shoes not bought specifically for him. Second, giving already-worn shoes to another child can facilitate the transfer of foot diseases.

Grand Central Footcare offers extensive podiatry services for patients of all ages. Our office provides warm and welcoming facilities for those in the greater Manhattan region. If you or a loved one is experiencing a foot condition or foot pain, call us at (888) 701-1297 to schedule an appointment.


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