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Tips for Preventing Foot Injuries

Last updated 4 years ago

Foot injuries don’t just occur in athletes; they can be caused by a range of everyday activities, including repetitive movements. Follow a few simple steps to reduce your risk of developing foot injuries. And if you do suffer from foot pain, see a podiatrist right away. Your podiatrist can recommend a treatment plan that is right for you.

Wear Supportive Shoes

  • Your podiatrist may recommend a certain type of shoe that suits your needs. Shoes should be comfortable and roomy, with plenty of space to wiggle your toes. This reduces friction against your skin and can help prevent corns. Shoes should also be supportive, with plenty of padding to reduce the pressure exerted on your feet from walking and running. Replace your athletic shoes about every three months, as worn out shoes do not adequately protect your feet.

Use Orthotics

  • If you experience foot discomfort, talk to your podiatrist about orthotic inserts. While some quality orthotics are available over the counter, your podiatrist can provide custom-made orthotics that correct your specific foot problems. Orthotic inserts provide additional shock absorption to reduce the risk of stress fractures and repetitive strain injuries. These devices also correct your body alignment and address high or flat arches.

Do Stretches

  • Stretch your muscles before and after exercise, and pay special attention to the foot, ankle, and leg areas. If you have already experienced a foot injury, your podiatrist can show you some stretches to prevent a recurrence of the injury. If you have heel pain, for example, heel cord stretches can benefit you. Stand about one foot away from a wall, place both palms on the wall, and position one foot further behind you. Then bend your forward leg and stretch the back leg.

Plan Physical Activities

  • Exercise on even surfaces to reduce your risk of an ankle sprain, which can occur if you twist your foot. Create an exercise routine that gradually increases the intensity, duration, and frequency of physical activity. Abruptly increasing the intensity of your training program places you at risk for stress fractures.

Learn more about caring for your feet with the experts at Grand Central Footcare. Make an appointment with Dr. Glubo by calling (888) 701-1297. Our podiatry practice has a wealth of experience treating athletes and those with special foot concerns, including diabetics.


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