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The Benefits of Seeing a Podiatrist for Your Everyday Foot Ailments

Last updated 4 years ago

Although your feet provide support for the entire body, many people neglect them until a serious condition occurs. Through fancy footwear and physical activity, your feet are exposed to a considerable amount of stress and pressure. By seeing a podiatrist as soon as you begin experiencing discomfort, you can prevent serious complications that limit daily activities. The following information illustrates how a specialist treats common foot problems.    


  • Sometimes the position of your big toe can force its joint in the opposite direction. This can cause the joint to enlarge and a small bump to form at the side of the big toe. Because your shoes will now fit incorrectly, this leads to swollen skin tissue and pain. A podiatrist can alleviate symptoms by taping your foot in a proper position. In addition, they can prescribe anti-inflammatory medication that reduces pain and swelling. If your condition is severe, they can surgically remove the swollen tissue or a piece of the bone.

Ingrown Toenails

  • If you wear shoes that crowd your toes or cut toenails too short, they can begin to grow into the flesh surrounding the nail. This results in pain, swelling, redness, and sometimes infection. A podiatrist can use a number of treatment options to relieve pain and avoid complications. They can create a splint to lift the toenail from the skin, or remove the ingrown portion of the nail entirely.

Corns and Calluses

  • When your feet are exposed to pressure and friction, they begin to build up thick, rough layers of skin for protection. A podiatrist can use a scalpel to remove the areas of thick skin before they create more foot complications. Additionally, they may prescribe custom-made shoes that reduce friction or antibiotic medications.

Dr. Les J. Glubo, the lead podiatrist at Grand Central Footcare, has provided patients with expert diagnosis and treatment for more than 25 years. We specialize in treating difficult conditions and sport injuries. To speak with a member of our experienced staff, call (888) 701-1297.


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