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How To Take Care Of Your Feet When Exercising | Grand Central Foot Care – Dr. Les Glubo, DPM

Last updated 5 years ago

When it comes to exercising, our feet are incredibly important. Running, jumping, moving laterally—virtually every move you make depends on healthy feet. That’s why it’s exceptionally important for you to take care of them when engaging in sports or other forms of exercise.

Here are a few ways athletes can ensure that their feet stay healthy and pain-free:

Proper Footwear:

Perhaps the best thing you can do for your feet is to get the right pair of shoes. Whether you’re playing football, basketball, or just going out for a run, it’s important to get properly designed shoes with just the right fit. Wearing improper shoes while exercising may result in irritation, blisters, or a serious sprain.  

Exercise Your Toes:

Though a vital part of balance and movement, toes are often wildly underestimated. In order to avoid injury and to increase physical performance, you should exercise your toes.  Effective exercises include placing a rubber band around them and stretching or picking up marbles with your feet.


Physical activity without stretching often leads to strains, sprains, and other bodily injuries.  Stretching is particularly important for your feet and ankles. By spending just 5-10 minutes stretching every time you exercise, you greatly reduce your chances of foot or ankle injury.  

Pay Attention To Your Feet:

Your feet will let you know if they’re in bad shape—you’ll often feel an irritation in your shoe long before it turns into a blister. If you feel even the slightest discomfort while exercising, you should stop and examine your shoe; otherwise, you risk injuring yourself further.

If you’re experiencing any kind of foot pain or discomfort, then contact one of New York’s finest podiatrists at Grand Central Foot Care. Dr. Les Glubo has 25 year experience helping his patients with hammertoes, bunions, athlete’s foot, including the more serious cases that require foot surgery. Don’t be afraid to go to the podiatrist; give us a call today at (212) 697-3293.  



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